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Radical empowerment matters.  

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Throughout history, women have gathered together — in homes and churches, town squares and bodegas — to heal their communities. Galvanizing our inherent sisterhood, we bring children to life, nurture the sick or weak, and love in unrelenting measure.

We change the world despite, or perhaps because of, our understanding that the world has sometimes ostracized us.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that when we gather as women, we gather in a circle. We sit or stand, palm to palm, shoulder to shoulder, each of us equal and able to see not just the eyes of those across from us but into the soul for which those eyes serve as doorways.

It is how we come together, certainly, and it is how we heal.  It is how we stay strong.

It is in that circle that we collect ourselves, each other, our stories, and our purpose.  It is in that circle that we nourish, encourage, and empower.  It is in that circle that we celebrate and grow.

Today, we issue the call to the circle.  We invite you to return to the space that holds, heals and helps, and to join us in using this space as a tool to change the cycle. Won’t you be a part of the good news?


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Alicia,

    The great news about working with Circle de Luz is that every single volunteer commits as much as she can– your commitment is absolutely self-directed. Some people are only financial donors, some people do one program a year, some people do something monthly. It is completely up to each of our volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about the process, please contact our program manager at circledeluz at gmail dot com. Thanks so much for your interest!

    • Thanks so much for your interest! We are not yet at the point where we are expanding but hope to get there one day. Please keep checking back here for updated information as we grow!

  2. I am wondering if I can speak to someone. I see so much value in this and would like to do something similar in our high school district and feeder schools. We have so many Latinas in need of this type of mentoring and help to accomplish their goal of going to college. I am an educator and a board member and I really want to help them, any help from you would be great. Thank you so much!

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